6oz. Beard Wash - High Noon (Pine, Cedar, Leather)

6oz. Beard Wash - High Noon (Pine, Cedar, Leather)


6 oz High Noon - Beard Wash:

Let’s be honest, today was rough. You had that duel at noon earlier. People keep trying to steal your hat. A strange fella in town called you Shannon. It’s been a bad day, but it’s about to get better. You’re on the trail of the most notorious outlaw in the west. Probably gonna arrest him for sure. Realizing you won’t make it to town before dark you decide to camp. The Fire is lit, your tent stands proud. Smoke fills your nose and you see a deer. “ High Noon solidifies time estranged by guilt,” he whispers. The pine trees giggle. You regret smoking before setting up camp.

Scent Profile: White Pine, Cedar leather.

How to use:

Use a little, but not too little, and absolutely not too much. It’s not a perfect science, everyone says something different, we use a bit more then a smidge. You might use a dollop. You want to lather your beard, whatever that amount is for you might be different. Start small and add more if needed. Massage into beard and skin. Rinse your face and conquer the day, or night, or dight, or nay.


Purified Water - hydration

Sodium Laureth Sulfate – cleansing and foaming agent

Lauryl Glucoside – cleansing agent

Cocamidopropyl Betaine - emulsifier

Sodium Chloride - salt

Propylene Glycol – water absorber

Diazolidinyl Urea – antimicrobial preservative

Methylparaben – mold prevention

Propylparaben – bacteria prevention

Citric Acid – anti-coagulant

Disodium EDTA – preservative and stabilizer

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – detoxifying moisturizer

Argan Nut Oil – hair elasticity and sheen

Coconut Oil – hair growth

Avocado Oil – moisturizer and strengthener

Sweet Almond Oil - UV ray protection and softness

Fragrance - a great scent

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