2oz. Beard Salve - Blackheart Bourbon (Oak, Mahogany, Vanilla, Herb)

2oz. Beard Salve - Blackheart Bourbon (Oak, Mahogany, Vanilla, Herb)


2oz Blackheart Bourbon - Beard Salve:

We asked one, completely real person to try Blackheart Bourbon. This is their story.

“I woke up before dawn, fed my animals and began my day. After a day in the field, when work was done I went home to freshen up. Wash. Salve. Brush. Cowboy boots. I felt different but can’t quite describe the feeling. Every single woman in town said, “wow, you smell like perfectly aged bourbon and I love you.” Believe you me I was a bit taken aback. The town suddenly broke into song. Freebird, which won’t be sung again for 100 years. After all this amazing luck I didn’t think my day could get any better. I ran into my wife Shannon. “Drinking bourbon is really cool," says Shannon. I think Shannon is really cute. “Haha, me too.” The town applauds.

-Steve, 1873

Scent Profile: Vanilla, Oak, Mahogany.

How It Works:

  • alleviates beard itch caused by dry skin

  • nourishes beard and helps stimulate growth

  • allows for shaping and styling

  • prevents hair follicles from splitting

  • Aged bourbon scent gives you +5 stat bonus to toughness and charm


Shea Butter moisturizes.

Beeswax locks in moisture.

Grapeseed Oil helps prevent acne.

Sunflower Oil aids in preventing inflammation.

Sweet Almond Oil helps prevent wrinkles.

Jojoba Oil restores natural moisture to skin.

Essential Oils help both the skin and hair.

Fragrance Oil gives you a great scent.

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