Dodge City Beard Brush

Dodge City Beard Brush


Boar Hair Brush:

1,873 or more individual boar hairs. 1 Piece of wood, black. Laser Engraving?

How to use:

Hold brush with hand. Ensure Dodge City engraving is the part of the brush making contact with palm. Move arm towards face like you are answering a phone. STOP. DO NOT PUT BRUSH IN EAR. Instead slightly before reaching your ear make connection with your face and the boar hair brush. The brush should be making contact with your beard, if you have oil, salve, or wash applied this will feel nice. Neither of us have tried dry brushing but who knows, that probably feels just as good. Repeat this process without thinking about picking up a phone, imagine instead your beard is answering a call. The brush is the phone, the boar hair is your destiny calling. “Hey friend, lets get drunk after this.” Answer that call.

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