Saloon Spice Beard Salve - 2 oz / 56 g

Saloon Spice Beard Salve - 2 oz / 56 g


2oz Saloon Spice - Beard Salve:

Scent Profile: Cuban Tobacco & Nutmeg

How It Works:

  • alleviates beard itch caused by dry skin

  • nourishes beard and helps stimulate growth

  • allows for shaping and styling

  • prevents hair follicles from splitting

  • authentic beard product from late 1800s


Shea Butter moisturizes.

Beeswax locks in moisture.

Grapeseed Oil helps prevent acne.

Sunflower Oil aids in preventing inflammation.

Sweet Almond Oil helps prevent wrinkles.

Jojoba Oil restores natural moisture to skin.

Coconut Oil moisturizes and strengthens hair.

Ylang Ylang relieves stress, enhances libido.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that preserves oils.

Essential Oils help both the skin and hair.

Fragrance Oil gives you a great scent.


  • scoop a smidge, maybe a tad, of salve with your finger.

  • Rub into beard.

  • Style.

The Story:

In a crowded bar you lock eyes with a beautiful woman. “You smell like the man of my dreams,” she says. Luckily you applied Saloon Spice before arriving. Your beard is on point. “Gamslsikfnggggkhh,” you drunkenly slur. Luckily you went out with friends, they get you back home and tucked in nice and safe. Sleep well young Horse Wrangler, you tried your best.

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