High Noon Beard Oil - 1 oz / 30 ml

High Noon Beard Oil - 1 oz / 30 ml


1oz High Noon - Beard Oil:

Scent Profile: Pine, Cedar & Leather

How It Works:

  • alleviates beard itch caused by dry skin

  • nourishes beard and helps stimulate growth

  • allows for shaping and styling

  • prevents hair follicles from splitting

  • authentic beard product from late 1800s


Grapeseed Oil helps prevent acne.

Sunflower Oil aids in preventing inflammation.

Sweet Almond Oil helps prevent wrinkles.

Jojoba Oil restores natural moisture to skin.

Argan Oil restores sheen and elasticity to hair.

Coconut Oil moisturizes and strengthens hair.

Ylang Ylang relieves stress, enhances libido.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that preserves oils.

Fragrance Oil gives you a great scent.


  • Place 4 - 8 drops in palm of hand.

  • Rub hands together.

  • Massage beard thoroughly.

The Story:

Let’s be honest, today was rough. You had that duel at noon earlier. People keep trying to steal your hat. A strange fella in town called you Shannon. It’s been a bad day, but it’s about to get better. You’re on the trail of the most notorious outlaw in the west. Probably gonna arrest him for sure. Realizing you won’t make it to town before dark you decide to camp. The Fire is lit, your tent stands proud. Smoke fills your nose and you see a deer. “ High Noon solidifies time estranged by guilt,” he whispers. The pine trees giggle. You regret smoking before setting up camp.

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